Who Are We?

In short, we are simply a bunch of homeschooling moms volunteering our “free time” to make something bigger than ourselves for our community.

The Homeschoolers of Whatcom County (HOW) exists to support families in their efforts to provide home-based education for their children, in whatever form that takes. We welcome all families regardless of religion, politics, environmental views, economical standing and general philosophies.

Our goal is to bring homeschooling families together, extend resources to those families and help to enrich their educational experiences. Our hope is that we can be instrumental in creating something bigger than ourselves that will welcome all new and veteran homeschoolers and educators with open arms and provide something as small as a set of open ears to something as large as an unforgettable educational experience shared with close friends that shapes the very fabric of our youths lives.

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We welcome everyone! We only request that you join us with a willingness to allow others their own philosophies. 

It Takes a Village!

This site and group are made completely from the volunteer efforts of many wonderful people who have come together to share their talents and knowledge to benefit the homeschool community. If you have a special expertise or wealth of information, we would love your contribution. We also love to hear ideas for additions to the site. And, of course, we are here to help you with any questions along your homeschooling journey.
Visit our Facebook page to benefit from our community knowledge or feel free to reach out to one of our designated contact persons:

Meagan McGovern

Writer/Homeschool Guru

Jessica Crisp


About This Website

Hi, I’m Jessica, the web developer who built this website.

I want you guys to know, I put a lot of love- and a LOT of volunteer hours- into creating this resource for you.  I love our homeschool community and so appreciate all those who make it so wonderful and I want to give back and help in whatever way I can.  

If you find this website useful and like the work I have done, please remember me and pass my name along as a referred web designer. I would very much appreciate it. 

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