Welcome to the World of Homeschooling!

Beginning homeschooling can be daunting. Here's a collection of information and resources to make it easier for you.

Getting Started

“I want to Homeschool. Where do I start?” Read this post by homeschool mom, Meagan, to learn where to begin and what you need to know right off the bat. Know that YES, you can do this and that you have support here in your community!

The Law

Before you do anything, it’s important to understand our state’s laws on homeschooling. Read this post to make sure you meet qualification requirements, learn if you need to fill out an intent to homeschool form and understand what is and isn’t required of homeschoolers.

Park Day

Meeting other homeschoolers is a great place to start! Park Day is a great place to come and meet other homeschoolers, get support, and socialize. Kids get to meet other homeschooled kids and many have made close friendships here.

Other Helpful Resources

Washington Homeschool Organization website is full of great information and answers to common homeschooling questions

Curious about what homeschool looks like for other families? Here's a glimpse into the homes of some of our members.