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Yearly Evaluation Information

Washington State law requires that each homeschooled student, age 8 and older, be evaluated yearly. The evaluation requirements can be met either through Standardized Testing or Academic Assessment.

Standardized Testing

Student should be administered a standardized test that is approved by the State Board of Education. (See Information on Washington State Board of Education and standardized testing)

  • ALGER LEARNING CENTER offers both testing and non-test assesment.
  • WASHINGTON HOMESCHOOL ORGANIZATION list of Assessment test providers in Washington state.
  • FLO TESTING SERVICE The Family Learning Organization (FLO) offers a testing service which provides several options to meet the state law requirements for testing/evaluation. FLO Testing Service has an option with guidelines for the parent to write an evaluation For more information, call 800-405-TEST or write: FLO Testing Service P. O. Box 7247 Spokane, WA 99207-0247
  • INLAND EMPIRE HOME SCHOOL CENTER IEHSC offers a variety of services to the homeschool community, including testing and assessments. Although they are a bit too far away to help us in some ways, they do offer a mail-in assessment service that could fit your family’s needs. For a $40 fee, you will be sent a test for your student to complete in your home. You will then mail in the test and receive a written evaluation in six to eight weeks, with materials explaining what the tests cover and strategies for remediating any deficiencies. For information regarding IEHSC services, call or write: IEHSC P. O. Box 1750 Airway Heights, WA.
  • BJU Press for the ITBS standardized test.

Your child can also take the test along with a partnership program or public school as they do their annual testing.

Academic Assessments

An alternative to standardized testing is an assessment of the students academic progress. This must be written by a Washington State certificated person who is currently working in the field of education. We are sometimes asked for names of teachers who are willing to do these assessments. If you know of qualified teachers who are informed and understanding of homeschooling, and would be interested in this opportunity, please pass the information to a member of the steering committee. The following is a list, in alphabetical order, of those who are known to us to be available for assessments and other services. Please note that publishing this list does not constitute any kind of recommendation. Each family is responsible to ascertain the qualifications and suitability of any individual being considered for tutoring, testing, assessments, or any other educational service. Take time to think through the options and make the choice right for you and your children.

Jeanette Johnson 671-1537
John Lackey 595-2630
Kristie Larson 384-5497

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