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Bellingham has several museums for exploring and learning.

Spark Museum– a museum of electrical inventions. Features a “mega zapper” electrical show every weekend.

FIG– A hands on interactive museum space for children. Features different stations where kids can play and explore. (Part of Whatcom Museum)

Mindport– This museum is a mix of art and science. Features some hands-on, interactive exhibits as well as fine art.

Railway Museum– A history of the railway. See what trains were like in different eras. Also features a toy train collection.

Lynden Pioneer Museum: Thursdays are 2/1 for homeschoolers and their adults.

Marine Life Center: The center showcases marine life and habitat in Bellingham Bay, Puget Sound and on the Washington Coast.

WWU Planetarium: A dome theater offering projection shows on astronomy and science.


Pacific Science Center: Special pricing for homeschoolers on most Mondays during the school year.

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